Mission, Vision, and Values


At Sara Trains This town we work with endurance athletes to educate them on the process of training and provide them with guidance to help them realize their goals.  From novice endurance athletes to runners chasing down a BQ or training for an ultra, our experience has you covered.

Our clients are dedicated athletes that know they are capable of achieving the big, scary goals.  This community provides encouragement and support becuase we know that it takes a village to raise a runner.

Beach Run


We exist to provide a community that trains, supports, educates and raises up endurance runners to know that they are capable of achieving their goals through consistent work.

We believe that every runner benefits from the sport through community and competition.


We believe that discipline improves self-confidence.  Our runners are not afraid to commit to training that will challenge them.

We believe that education is power.  With training related education our athletes improve all areas of their fitness in preparation for the race.

We believe that running is a community event.  We support and encourage each other through our training.  Our team is built through community interactions and in person functions.

Smile of Victory

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