There is no secret. Keep going.

These days, we are always looking for the quick fix or the easy answer. We don't have the time to invest in the long process to see things through to our goals, or do we? What if you couldn't afford to short cut the process? It is in the process of chasing after our goals that we learn the tools, change the habits, and become the person that we need to be in order to succeed. There are no short cuts. There is no magic pill. We can't fast forward. What are some of the act

Workout Wednesday: Core Stability for Runners

I find that runners often over look training adjuncts like stretching, core training, and strength training. One of the secrets of becoming the best runner that you are capable of being requires that you focus on more than just running. There is a continuum for strength training that I follow when writing plans and workouts. It always starts with stability work to activate the right muscles in the right order. Then, the workouts can progress to strength and power. If you